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PGI Parma Coppa ready to slice half approx. 900 g

PGI Parma Coppa ready to slice half. Made exclusively from 100% Italian pork, for a certified PGI product. The vacuum-packed 900 g format is ready to be sliced. Don't miss out...

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PGI Parma Coppa ready to slice half. Parma Coppa is soft, aromatic, sweet and full of flavor. It is a typical cold cut of the PGI certified Food Valley. Coppa is perfect as part of an aperitif and tastes good with everything. Choose the 900 g vacuum-packed format, ready to be sliced. Captivating, sweet and full of flavor, Parma Coppa is a simple, centuries-old cold cut. Its ingredients are still the same: pure 100% Italian pork from the neck, a little salt and a pinch of spices. Genuine Parma Coppa must contain the correct amount of fat which is essential in conferring the correct amount of sweetness to this cold cut. Once it has been cut, encased in intestine and hand tied, Coppa is ready to mature in controlled climate rooms. The time it takes for it to mature may vary from 60 days from the beginning of production, for Coppa from 2-2.6 kg, up to 90 days from the beginning of production for Coppa weighing over 2.6 kg.



PGI Parma Coppa is long and cylindrical in shape. It should be of a medium consistency to the touch, not too soft nor too hard; both the outer and inner parts should be homogenous, a sign of correct maturation. When cut, Parma Coppa is an intense and uniform pink color, with white and pink fat marbling. It has a pleasant aroma, a characteristic fragrance which varies in intensity depending on the length of maturation. It is pleasantly sweet and lightly spiced in taste.


Nutritional Values

PGI Parma Coppa is a low salt cold cut (below 5% of the weight of the final product). The cold cut contains a high amount of protein: 100 g of Parma Coppa contains approximately 23 g of protein.


How to Serve

Peel the skin away from the section of Coppa you wish to cut. Once skinned, use a cutter to slice the product. Slices should be paper-thin. Slice it just before eating to heighten it softness and aroma. PGI Parma Coppa is a perfect cold cut for starters. Serve it as part of an aperitif, with warm crostini and a vegetable pâté. Try it with some homemade bread and fresh vegetables. It is best served with a dry white: a Malvasia from the Parma Hills, a Fraciacorta Brut, a Gewürztraminer or a Pinot Grigio.


How to Store

Parma Coppa should be stored at cellar temperature (between 10 and 17°C). Once cut, store in the lower part of the refrigerator and wrap it in a cotton cloth or food wrapping paper.

Ingredienti: carne suina, sale, spezie-conservante: E252

Nel prodotto non sono presenti allergeni, non esiste rischio di contaminazione incrociate accidentali ed è adatto al consumo dei celiaci.

Peso: 900 gr ca.

Conservazione: conservare in cella frigorifera a temperatura non superiore a 10°, prima e dopo l’apertura.

Scadenza: 4 mesi


Via Di Case Trombi, 27 – 43037 Lesignano Bagni (PR) – Italia


 Dichiarazione nutrizionale:


Grassi                        30 +/- 5%

Zuccheri                     <0.1%

Proteine                     24 +/- 2%

Sale                           <5%

Money-back guarantee

With the possibility of returning the purchased products

With the possibility of returning the purchased products

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